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Terms and Conditions

Standard dumpster rental is 14 days.  Contact us for options for keeping the dumpster longer than the standard time period.


Dumpster prices include a maximum number of tons.  If the dumpster exceeds the maximum number of tons you will be charged $115/ton for overages.  Dumpster contents are not to exceed 6 tons. 

Mattresses and box spring of all sizes cost an additional $55/item.  Effective 11/1/2022 and due to changes at the transfer stations we are required to charge an additional per item charge of $55/mattress or box spring for all sizes.  


Full payment is required prior to delivery.  Credit Card payment is the preferred method of payment.  Additional charges will be added to the credit card as noted in these terms and conditions.


Unacceptable Items: Appliances*, Branches, Dirt, Electronics, Hazardous Waste (including Oil, Antifreeze, Gas, etc), Leaves, Medical Waste, Paint, Propane Tanks, Tires, Trees, and Yard Waste.

Dumpsters need to be loaded evenly.


Items cannot protrude over the top of the dumpster.  Any item protruding over the top of the dumpster or any dumpsters that require reloading are subject to additional charges.


The customer is responsible for any damages to the dumpster while in their custody. 


Do not allow children to climb or play on/in dumpsters.


Additional charges will be incurred if we are unable to deliver or pick up a dumpster on scheduled dates.  Please be sure dumpster area is clear for safely loading and unloading.


The customer does not need to be present for delivery.  If you are not present please make sure you provide us with clear and precise directions for delivery and make sure the area is clear and easily accessible. 


Racey Roll Off LLC and it’s drivers are not responsible for any damage to lawns or driveways caused from delivery/pickup or the dumpsters.


Any costs associated with an overweight dumpster or unacceptable material is the sole responsibility of the customer. 


Any attorney or court fees incurred for disputes are the sole responsibility of the customer.


You hereby agree to the above terms and conditions prior to scheduling delivery.

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